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m.i.c help needed please


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I recently purchased a medal pair to pte Joseph Russell 2141 royal highlanders m.g.c but i cannot read what is written in remarks collumn any ideas?post-96415-0-36555400-1384642315_thumb.j

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I'd go with DISEM but am not sure of the meaning.

Useful info on this old thread Click

It would be useful if davvida 16 could Tag this thread Disembodied, and MIC. Feel free to pm me and will explain how.


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I would go for DISCONTINUED don't know why and this particular abbreviation does not appear in Howard Williamson's collectors guide.

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Thanks guys for your help

On another note as he was black watch m.g.c would private russell still have worn his black watch uniform while in the m.g.c or would he have different uniform, badges etc ?



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