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Naval Sub-ratings


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I am researching a man on our local War Memorial, and I am unable to decipher some of his Service details. He joined as a boy aged 16, became an Ordinary Seaman at 18, and A.B. two years later. Over the next few years he gained several Sub-ratings and badges as per the attached excerpt.

Can anyone decipher what the ratings and badges were?

Thanks in anticipation.



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The Badges are Good Conduct "stripes" worn on the left sleeve.

G1, first badge awarded 12/11/1900.

D1, first badge deprived 18/9/1901

R, first badge restored 18/3/1902.

G1, second badge awarded 11/11/1908.

The Sub-Ratings I would suggest are;-

TM [Trained Man] 13/10/1899 - 9/4/1901.

P.S.G. 2c [Passed for Seaman Gunner, second class] 10/4/1901 - 11/7/1901.

S.G. 2c [seaman Gunner, second class] 12/7/1901 - 31/8/1901.

The next one looks like L.G., but the only combination of these two letters that I know of is G.L., for Gunlayer. So S.G., again? 1/9/1901 - 4/7/1905 req [requalify].

T.M. 4/7/1905 - 3/11/1905.

S.T. [seaman Torpedoman] 4/11/1905.

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