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Help with interpreting symbols on a trench map


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My Great uncle Fredrick Drew, went missing (later K.I.A.), on 8.9.1918, in Villers-Faucon just south of Epehy. he is now buried in Ste. Emilie valley Cemetery a little further away. I have been given the following details by the CWGC:

"Previous Place of burial: Map Ref: 62c.E.23.d.7.2.

Means of identification: temporary cross marking the grave..."


I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to take a look at the attached maps and tell me if there is extra information I could get about my great  uncle? Any advice or ideas would be very helpful. 


I have marked in yellow the place where I think he was first buried. The first map is from the war diary for 7th & 8th September and accurately shows the advance. However, it is not that clear when you zoom in, so for close-up detail I have included a picture of a map from amonth earlier (the details seem to be almost the same). 


Freddie was actually buried a little south of the 9th London's Divisional boundary, and the Regimental History states that it was 'C' Coy that were in this area, which may or may not mean Freddie was with them. The family story goes that he was a stretcher bearer (at least at the time of his death). 


What do all of the different markings on the map mean? I notice there is a hospital marked in red ink relatively close by. Would this be a military hospital or a CCS? It is not on the maps of a few months earlier. What are the blue marks near where he was originally buried- was that a trench?

Cheers for having a look. Any advice gratefully received.






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