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Remembrance book for soldiers killed in WW1 Huddersfield area


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Hello there,

I am researching the soldiers who died during WW1 and appear on the Memorial plaque in my local church with a view to making a Book of Remembrance for the 100th anniversary service in August. I only have names and nothing else. So far I have traced 36 of the 38 and have found a little family history and some military history and photos for some. My problem is with the 2 remaining. Herbert Haigh and Friend Whitwam. I have 2 Herbert Haighs, one a private and one a gunner, one received the Military Medal, to trace- have found 1. I need most of all to be able to tie them to the village of Scapegoat Hill or Golcar by family etc. I have visited the local library and have recently learnt of boxes of questionaires mentioned in an article in the Huddersfield examiner which may help to tie up the families, but I don't know where these boxes are!! Is there anyone out there who can help or has information about these 2 soldiers.

Thank you in anticipation.

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There's two Friend Whitwams from that neck of woods the Ravensthorpe one has a service record on Ancestry.The Norfolk Regiment casualty in 1918 is on the 1911 census with Golcar connections.

Last time I was in Huddersfield library there was a file on local war memorials but it was a few years ago.

The Examiner may have an obituary that gives you some further evidence.


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Sligtly further afield, but is Charles Henry Hollingworth 41763 Yorkshire regiment on your list?

He is buried in Mirfield (died of wounds) and lived in Ravensthorpe but some of the the family were from Golcar - my grandfather for one

If so I have some newspaper cuttings etc which you may like



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It would be helpful if you could at least provide all 38 Names so that future internet searches by as yet unknown relatives might find your link and provide you with additional information?

There are two showing on CWGC

IREDALE, H. Rank: Private. Service No: 91229. Date of Death: 01/10/1918. Age: 19.

Regiment/Service: Durham Light Infantry. 18th Bn.

Grave Reference: III. E. 1. Cemetery: LANCASHIRE COTTAGE CEMETERY.

Additional Information: Son of John W. and Mary Jane Iredale, of 12, High St., Scapegoat Hill, Golcar, Huddersfield.

SHAW, HAROLD THOMAS. Rank: Private. Service No: 65766. Date of Death: 11/04/1918.

Age: 19. Regiment/Service: Northumberland Fusiliers. 1st/5th Bn.

Panel Reference: Panel 2. Memorial: PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL.

Additional Information: Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shaw, of High St., Scape Goat Hill, Golcar, Huddersfield.

but using "Golcar" there are 117 CWGC entries over both Wars..... so you must be working purely on one part of Golcar.

There are 10 Whitwam entries but none for "F" or "Friend" for example.

Does Golcar Farm, Bingley come into your catchment zone?

There are two MM holders, Morris Crampton and Asa Townend.

This may well be your Herbert Haigh, but there are 4 of that surname, different Christian Names, all from Golcar (Andrew, Sutcliffe and his brother Wilfrid)

HAIGH, H. Rank: Private. Service No: 63603. Date of Death: 27/09/1918. Age: 18.

Regiment/Service: King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. "C" Coy. 2nd/4th Bn.

Grave Reference: II. B. 10. Cemetery: RIBECOURT ROAD CEMETERY, TRESCAULT

Additional Information: Son of Amos and Clara Haigh, of 97, Swallow Lane, Golcar, Huddersfield.

If you email me at kevin.regan3ATsky.com I'll send you the CWGC extract for Golcar and you can sift out those that might apply.

Is the Golcar Brewery still operating?

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Thank you all for your prompt replies. I am very new to all this. So here goes.

1.I knew about Morris Crampton's 306012 Military Medal but have no details eg story. I didn't know about Asa Townend's 117469 Military medal but I have traced both of their military and family histories.

2. Sutcliffe 42012 and Wilfred 26396 Haigh are on my list and I have traced their military and family histories.

3.There is no Charles Henry Hollingworth on my list.

4.Herbert Haigh son of Clara and Amos 63603 I have traced but I can't find the other Herbert Haigh (Gunner) there seem to be many possibilities.

5.Friend Whitwam - I can't find a connection to my village for the soldier died 21.10.1917 son of Zachariah and Mary. I think my link is with the soldier of the 12th Norfolk Yeomanry Killed 9.3.1918 320823 born in Huddersfield about 1877. Possibly the son of Thomas and Betty of upper Pike law, Scapegoat Hill but I have no proof.

6. Golcar Fram Bingley is not in my area.

7. Golcar brewery is still alive and well as far as I know.

The village of Scapegoat Hill and the hamlet of Nettleton Hill lie above Golcar and over look the beautiful Colne Valley. There are only about 300 dwellings now so in 1914 not as many. The people were mainly workers in the woollen mills of the Colne Valley. 38 dead would I think have been a good proportion of the menfolk.

I have tried to attach a photo of the memorial picture in the church from which I am working but the file is too big and it is hoped to have a service on the 3rd August 2014 to remember the 38.

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The names of the 38 are as follows;

Albert Abbey (Abby) 53069

Morris Crampton 306022

Arthur Crook (s) 29952

Horace Forshew 305235

Thomas H Forshew 306364

Joe Garside 39664

Herbert Greenhow 241386(8)

Whitwam Haigh20392

Sutcliffe Haigh 42012

Wilfred (Wilfrid) Haigh 26396

Allen Haigh 80(6)650

Herbert Haigh 603603

Herbert Haigh (Gunner)

Simeon Haigh 60734 only one buried in village graveyard in an unmarked grave. Information on Ancestry only gives registry details.

George Haigh 54873

Willie Hirst 38609(9)

Richard Horsfall J/71276 1074

Harry Iredale 91229

Herbert Meakin 26735

Job Peace 32558

Stafford Pogson 42617

Thomas H Quarmby J/37890

William Shann 9215

Arthur Shaw 204170

Harold Thomas Shaw 65766

Charlie Shaw 21524

Fred Singleton 6234

E ( Evelyn) Siswick 5885 202620

Leonard Sowden 43547

J S (Joe Sykes) Taylor 43063

Asa Townend 117469

Walter (Walker) Whitwam 1832 24777

Harold Whitwam 332779

Friend Whitwam ???

Benjamin Wray 127421

Alfred Wray 28891 43106

Willie Wray 203931

James Edward Wray 5058

I have found photos of some in the Colne Valley Almanac and Chronicle but have yet to go thorough the Huddersfield Examiner.

Medal cards missing for Arthur Crook, Simeon Haigh, William Shann,

I have one suicide and one accidental death and 3 Military Medals so far.

Any further details gladly received

and thank you once again.

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Hello there,

I think you might find the answer to Friend Whitwam and his link to Golcar is in the 1891 census, his address is Spring Head, Scape Goat Hill and the eccelastical district is St John's.

He is there with his father Thomas and mother Betty and brothers and sisters.

In the 1901 census there is no father, nor the in the 1911 either.

I hope this helps.

Cheers Roger.

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Soldiers Died in the Great War shows these men with links to Golcar

William Ainley Golcar, Yorks 27 Nov 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Ted Bray Golcar, Yorks 4 Jun 1918 Royal Garrison Artillery Western European Theatre

Harry Drake Golcar, Yorks 1 Jun 1918 Lincolnshire Regiment Western European Theatre

Robert Randolph Gledhill Golcar, Yorks 3 May 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Hubert Irvin Hirst Golcar, Yorks 15 Feb 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Victor Mallinson Golcar, Yorks 15 Apr 1918 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Arthur Shaw Golcar, Yorks 9 Aug 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Joe Edwin Sykes Golcar, Huddersfield 15 Sep 1918 Durham Light Infantry Western European Theatre

Percy Taylor Golcar, Yorks 7 Aug 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Arnold Taylor Golcar, Yorks 25 Oct 1918 Machine Gun Corps Western European Theatre

Charlie Walker Golcar, Yorks 4 Nov 1916 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Herman Walker Golcar, Yorks 13 Mar 1918 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Nelson Whitwam Golcar, Yorks 4 Oct 1915 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Walter Whitwam Golcar, York 2 Dec 1916 Machine Gun Corps Western European Theatre

Harry Whitwam Golcar, Yorks 5 Dec 1917 King's Royal Rifle Corps Western European Theatre

Arnold Wood Golcar, Yorks 10 Oct 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Willie Woodhead Golcar, Yorks 5 Nov 1918 Leicestershire Regiment Western European Theatre

Joseph Ainley Golcar, Yorks 11 Aug 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Walter Bailey Golcar, Yorks 3 May 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Herbert Balderstone Golcar, Yorks 3 May 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Thomas Henry Bamforth Golcar, Yorks 3 Aug 1917 Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) Western European Theatre

John Arthur Castle Golcar 28 Nov 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

James Edward Chorlton Golcar, Yorks 19 Oct 1917 Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment) Western European Theatre

John Woodhouse Dyson Golcar, Yorks 17 Feb 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Stanley Gledhill Golcar, Yorks 22 Mar 1918 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Willie Haywood Golcar, Yorks 7 Aug 1915 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Balkan Theatre

Willie Hellawell Golcar, Yorks 5 Oct 1918 Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment) Western European Theatre

Joe Mellor Golcar, Yorks 10 Oct 1917 East Yorkshire Regiment Western European Theatre

William Henry Richardson Golcar, Yorks 29 Oct 1915 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Albert Sykes Golcar, Yorks 5 Jul 1917 Worcestershire Regiment Home

Harold Taylor Golcar 29 Jan 1918 Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the Line (incl. Yeomanry and Imperial Camel Corps) Western European Theatre

Wood Varley Golcar, Yorks 11 Apr 1917 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) Western European Theatre

Albert Whitwam Golcar, Yorks 3 Sep 1916 King's Own Scottish Borderers Western European Theatre

Albert William Whitwam Golcar, Huddersfield 20 Sep 1917 Durham Light Infantry Western European Theatre

Benjamin Wray Golcar, Yorks 27 Dec 1917 Royal Garrison Artillery Western European Theatre

however, that's not getting you forward with finding details for your 38 men on the Memorial.

Hopefully, Pals will be able to work with your list and give more details on them.

It's just that without knowing how the 38 have been selected, it's hard not to include other men that seem just as deserving as your 38.

Some may even be brothers so it's difficult for us at this distance to understand why one is included and another not.

For example, these 6 in Golcar Baptist Churchyard would seem to be prime candidates to be on the Memorial, but they aren't.....

CROOKS, A Private 29952 23/12/1917 25 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) United Kingdom SE. N. 16. GOLCAR BAPTIST CHAPELYARD

LISTER, DAVID BLACKBURN Sergeant 1504644 11/01/1943 19 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve United Kingdom Grave 436. GOLCAR BAPTIST CHAPELYARD

WHITWAM, A E Private 36247 16/10/1918 29 Northumberland Fusiliers United Kingdom SE. G. 8. GOLCAR BAPTIST CHAPELYARD

WHITWAM, T T Private D/387571 12/01/1919 19 Royal Army Service Corps United Kingdom SE. 253. GOLCAR BAPTIST CHAPELYARD

WOLSTENHOLME, DOUGLAS Sergeant 580446 15/05/1940 Royal Air Force United Kingdom Grave 426. GOLCAR BAPTIST CHAPELYARD

WOOD, BERNARD Trooper 7906463 06/01/1942 22 Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C. United Kingdom Vault U.3. GOLCAR BAPTIST CHAPELYARD

The main thing is to try and progress with the 38 you currently have and then we can work on those that have been left out, once we know why. It may simply be that they worshipped at a different chapel!

Simeon Haigh doesn't show up on the CWGC database, had he been discharged from the Army as unfit or did he die outside the CWGC acceptance period?

SHANN, W. Rank: Private. Service No: 9215. Date of Death: 19/10/1914.

Regiment/Service: Manchester Regiment. 2nd Bn.

Grave Reference: I. C. 24. Cemetery: BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY

CROOKS, A. Rank: Private. Service No: 29952. Date of Death: 23/12/1917. Age: 25.

Regiment/Service: Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment). 3rd Bn.

Grave Reference: SE. N. 16. Cemetery: GOLCAR BAPTIST CHAPELYARD

Additional Information: Son of George and Alice Crooks, of 25, Clay Well, Golcar.

Email me if you want the list

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Hello again,

I have found a Herbert Haigh living with his father Tom and mother Mary at Seymoor Road, Golcar in the 1901 and 1911 census's and the church parish was St Johns.

Once again I hope this helps.

Cheers Roger

ps, I have found another Herbert Haigh on the 1911 census living on Scape Goat Hill with his father Arthur and mother Emily.

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Hi Marshdeen

Some years ago an acquaintance of mine researched those men from Huddersfield who died. During the research she discovered the questionnaires you mentioned. It seems that after receiving the questionnaires it was decided not to have the names on the memorial. She produced a book but unfortunately was unable to find a publisher. She recently passed away but her husband has told me that a publisher has now been found and the book should shortly be available. I will contact him to see if he has any information

Rob Hamilton

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William Shann has a Medal index card on ancestry 1914 Star British War Medal and Victory medal Annotated 'died' with 2nd Manchesters.

Simeon Haighs service record is on ancestry he only had Home Service so no MIC.

You may have an uncommemorated soldier with him I cannot see him on CWGC...he was issued death plaque and scroll its in his record so maybe further research on him?

Arthur Crooks Record likewise no overseas service.


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Hi again everyone

I have just returned from Library.

As stated above I have now only problems with 2 of the 38- they are Friend Whitwam, who I think I have the correct details for but just don' have the evidence/proof and

the 2nd Herbert Haigh who could well be Gunner Royal Artillery L/29317 killed 7.6.1917. The Military medal was Private Herbert Haigh of Handel street, Golcar according to the Colne Valley Almanac 1919 pg 43 but as far as I am aware gunner and private are interchangable so could be 2nd Herbert.

Anyway to answer some of the things arising from your responses.

1.William Shann - I have his service records with details of his medals but no card. Will look again. He resided in the village according to the Colne Valley Almanac.

2. Simeon (Semeon) Haigh - I have his service record. Ancestry has him as registered dead at Patrington 26.11.1918. He was transferred to Manchester Gen 23.11.1918 so I presume he was ill or wounded and his death recorded, but he was definitely buried at Scapegoat Hill Cemetery Section 1 Number 25 in the church burial register. His grave is not marked by a headstone and is the only burial of WW1 in the cemetery all the other stones being memorials.

3.A Crooks is recorded as a suicide, whilst in an unsound state of mind, in Tynemouth. He is buried in Golcar Baptist Churchyard SE. N.16. I have a photo of the grave but the graveyard is very overgrown now.

4. I would be very glad for any info from the questionnaires especially for the 2 missing ones. I asked again tonight at the library but they thought it was the archives section and there wasn't anyone in.

5. I have copied the info re Golcar names and will compare with what I have. The reason why alot of the names are not on my list is because the 38 were associated with the village of Scapegoat Hill in some way eg relatives or went to the church there. Some lived the top end of Golcar and were associated with the church eg A Crooks some of his relatives are buried in the graveyard.

Thank you once again for your help I wish I had found you 6 months ago.


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Don't feel too bad, I don't think anyone who has been involved in Books of Remembrance has been able to do the job without blood, sweat and probably tears too!

There rarely ever seems to be surviving records, and if they do exist don't explain why some included and others not, sometimes even close relatives.

The internet nowadays gives us access to a lot of records enabling us to locate people with an apparent connection to a place that even long term residents may have forgotten about, especially if they moved away early in the War, remarried and new husband didn't want reminding of the first husband.

At least you have the local knowledge to try and sort out who belongs where! Your job isn't made any easier when we find more Names for you, but it isn't necessary to have the Memorial recarved, simply a Roll of Honour or Book of Remembrance allows you to include Names that have links to the village without affecting the wishes and intent of the original War Memorial committee. As long as their Names are known, then they are not forgotten, which is the whole point.

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Hello again

Thanks for the encouragement. I have made some progress with Herbert Haigh. I will have to call him Herbert 2. I found 2 references to him in the Colne Valley Almanac as receiving a military medal. 1 gave his address as 37 Taylor Row, Golcar and the other gave his address as 36 Handel Street, Golcar. Both addresses are very close together. Then I was looking through the grave index for Scapegoat Hill and found William Shaw died 1925 of 37 Taylor Row. In the same grave are buried Arthur and Emily Haigh and so I looked them up on the census and they had a son called Herbert. They lived in the village in 1901. I may have found civilian Herbert 2 but not military. I will keep on trying. I have a photo of the Herbert who lived at Handel Street but can't attach it.

I have also found reference to Asa Townend's military medal.

Thank you

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Does the headstone or local knowledge explain why Arthur and Emily Haigh share a grave with William Shaw?

Sounds a little too complex for my tiny mind at this time of night!

"Friend" may not actually be his christian Name but simply one used by the family and so understood to be his "proper" Name by listeners, neighbours etc......

Similarly, some Names may only those understood to be what they were known as locally, although their formal Christian Names may be something different.

If you have proof positive of two Herbert Haigh's locally and no record of them after the War then you will have to conclude that the two you have are the two you seek, one a Gunner in the RFA and the other a Private 603603. There can't be any other explanation!

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Friend was a popular first name in these parts in the late 1800s and early1900s. I am not short of Friend Whitwams in the village or near vicinity but linking them up with either of the 2 military records is proving difficult. 1 is definitely Private Friend Whitwam 245205, killed in action 21.10.1917, son of Zachariah and Mary Whitwam and husband of Annie Newhill because I have traced the grave and marriage cert. together with census details for 1911 backwards. However I can't link to any family in my area which leaves open Friend Whitwam 320823 killed in action 9.3.1918 in Palestine. He serviced with Norfolk Regiment (12th Norfolk yeomanry) and was born in Huddersfield about 1877. He is buried in Jerusalem War Cemetery J94 but again I have no positive links to the village. Most of the soldiers had links with the Baptist church in the village either by attendance or family as I have discovered from local newspaper coverage. Is there any way of checking the regimental records for Norfolk?

Herbert Haigh - the connection to Arthur and Emily Haigh and William Shaw is just the grave but I will check out the actual register next week when I visit. It was the addresses from the newspapers and the graves list that tied up with the names. I am sending out a leaflet at Christmas to all the houses in the village to see if anyone has photos or stories better prepare it!!

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Just been reading other posts and can I ask what is Huddersfield AVL and how do I access it? All the links on the other posts don't work.

Thank you

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Try this link to Huddersfield AVL. I can't see anyone named Friend Whitwam, sorry.


Am I right in thinking that you are struggling to decide which Friend Whitwam (Out Lane, Longwood + 6 Upper Pike) is the man commemorated in Jerusalem?

The only other man of that name I can find who was of fighting age lived in Royston (Barnsley?)

Have you looked at Longwood War Memorial? A man from Out Lane is likely to be commemorated on there. This isn't an exact science by any means but, I suggest, if there is no Friend Whitwam on Longwood War Memorial then the man who died in Palestine was from Upper Pike.

I also think a married farmer with children (Out Lane) would be less likely to serve than a single mill worker (Upper Pike) but I'm just thinking out loud.

Only 2 men of that name served in the Great War and both were killed, a very sad coincidence.

Good luck,


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Thank you Sandie,

The Friend Whitwam of Upper Pike Law has family connections with the village back to 1881 but I still can't say he was the one. I am hoping to get information from Norfolk regiment if possible and so far have not turned up anything in the local newspapers. The connection works to the list but I don't see my soldiers on it.

Sad to say now I have 3 Herbert Haighs on the Roll - I have found another 1 Private Herbert Haigh who served but survived. My mind is going dizzy! I may have to give up on this one. Anyway onwards and upwards.

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Here I am again

My area in those days would probably not have come under Huddersfield. Probably Upper Abbrigg I think. Any further info please. Is there AVL for that area?

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I have received a reply from my friend whose wife researched the Huddersfield men who died and found the questionnares you referred to in a previous post. He has these 2 men.

Friend Whitwam

12th (Norfolk Yeomanry) Norfolk Regiment

Born Huddersfield

Killed in Action in Palestine 9th March 1918

Herbert Haigh

2/4th KOYLI

Born Scammonden

Killed in Action 27th September 1918 aged 18

His name is on the Roll of Honour in St Johns Church, Golcar

Son of Amos and Clara Haigh, 97 Swallow Lane, Golcar

I hope this helps.



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So now you need to identify the H Haigh who was a gunner, presumably RHA/RFA/RGA (not a naval Royal Marine gunner????)

Perhaps Rob could find out how many were found in the previous research?

Perhaps time to suggest a joint collaboration?

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Thank you Rob,

This information confirms what I already have re. Private Herbert Haigh. It is feasible that he is on both plaques since the churches are near to each other and the address is in between.The problem is now Gunner Herbert Haigh who I think is L/29317 189978 Royal Field Artillery died 7th June 1917 Buried St Nicolas British Cemetery but I can't place him in my area.

I have found reference to Herbert Haigh MM receiving a gold watch as a Golcar hero in the Colne Valley Guardian 18th May 1917 he was married with a young son because his wife and son took the presentation because Herbert was indisposed. Perhaps this is the 3rd Herbert Haigh on my plaque who survived the war. (he must also be the one who received the Military medal as a result of distinguished work as a stretcher bearer and of 37 Taylor Row, Golcar). Please may I ask if Mr Shackleton has any other info. regarding any Herbert Haighs? eg addresses, relatives. Also how do I get info. re. Military medals because this may piece together addresses and relatives for me?

Friend Whitwam- I agree that the Friend Whitwam of the Norfolk regiment 320823 born in Huddersfield appears to be the obvious answer but yet again I can't tie him directly with anyone from my area although I have my suspicions that he is the son of Thomas and Betty Whitwam of 6 Upper Pike Law, Scapegoat Hill.

I am still going through the local newspapers, got to end of 1917 now. I have found out details of a few of the others in the list and have picked up a few old photos of the village. So very useful.

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Hello again

Have been to the library again and this time have located someone who knows about the questionnaires. There are apparently 6 Herbert Haighs found by Margaret and 1 Friend Whitwam. Margaret only recorded military info plus area if known, they have a long list of her names, so I have requested to see the questionnaires. I Hope to hear something soon and be able to glean some relative info. Have also finished newspapers for 1918 and picked up a few snipets about some of the other 36.

However I would still appreciate any further suggestions or info that anyone may have. My flyers go out on Saturday to every house in the villages of Scapegoat Hill and Bolster Moor.

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