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Help needed reading Service Record


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Thanks Michael,

The Badge coloumn lists to entries, what could they be. and also just any unique or general facts from someone who knows how to read them better than my untrained eye.

Thank you again,


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Hello Phil,

A bit of general info for you. Frank signed up on his 18 birthday at Chattam which I think means he was already in the Senior Service before this as a recruit, possibly at the famous "HMS Ganges" training centre, there are some great videos of HMS Ganges on Youtube. The rating column shows him going up through the ranks to Petty Officer in 1921. The list of ships served includes "Dolphin" which is the training centre for Submariners and underneath "Maidstone" is "D4", "E52 and "L24" all WW1 subs. L24 sunk in 1924.

Good luck. Joe.

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He did not "sign up on his 18th birthday". He signed his engagement when he enlisted as a boy in October 1909 but his 12-year engagement did not start until his 18th birthday in 1911. He did not train as a boy at GANGES but in the training ship HMS IMPREGNABLE, an old 'wooden wall' at Devonport.

The 'Badges' column records the granting 'G' of his first and second Good Conduct Badges in 1914 and 1919 after three and eight years service respectively from age 18.

He was discharged, before completing his 12 years, in the run-down of the RN after the war. He was paid a bonus to go early hence his discharge "Shore - With Bonus on Reduction".

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Hello Phil,

Please excuse my info in post 4, it was intended to help in your grt granddads service not to mislead you.


Thank you for correcting the information that I posted. Phil asked the questions but I think that I may have learnt a little as well. The last thing that I want to do is misinform anyone. Thanks again for your help when replying to my posts.


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