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I did some research a couple of years ago on my grandfather Samuel Owen. I found he was a regular soldier in the 2nd Battalion RSF. Number 9666.

Samuel was born 1885 in Renton Dunbartonshire, the youngest of 8 children. He had moved to Greenock Renfrewshire as a young lad, with his parents.

In 1907, he married my grand mother, on his marriage certificate his occupation was an apprentice baker?

He must have joined the Army sometime between 1907 and 1914. I had heard my late father mention that his father had been a POW in Germany during the war.

Samuel died in the Red Cross Hospital, Paisley in 1935 of Heart Failure, on his death certificate he is noted as a Baker (Journeyman) and Army pensioner.

Last Friday I was contacted by the Curator of a local museum. Unbeknown to me, they have in their possession a 16 page pamphlet written by my grandfather, after the war, which talks of his capture at the end of October 1914, his forced march from Ypres to Lille and interment in various camps in Germany.

One of the camps he mentions a place called Gustrow ,which appeared to be a fairly horrendous place to be imprisoned.

He also talks in one of the paragraphs of a man he met in Africa. Would the RSF have been in Africa and where?

I know the RSF were stationed in Gibralter prior ot returning to Hampshire and then onward to Zebrugge.

thanks for reading this


Tommy Owen (Samuels grandson)

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Welcome to the forum, Tommy.

A little extra detail - your grandfather's regimental number indicates that he enlisted during the last week of August 1908:

9663 13/08/1908

9665 22/08/1908


9668 31/08/1908

9669 03/09/1908

All the best with your research,


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Thank you for your reply Stuart, another piece of information that adds to my research.

I never knew my grand father Owen, yet I am beginning to build up quite a lot information on his Army career.

My maternal Grand father, Tommy Clarke, died when I was in my mid 20s, sadly I never asked him of his service during the Great War.

Thanks again


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