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Remembered Today:

Fr. Ignatius Collins OFM. Cap MC


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Hi all,

I had the honour of being able to look through and record some personal items belonging two Capuchin friars who served in the Great War. One was Fr. Ignatius Collins M.C.

I'm hoping members might be able to fill in gaps in my knowledge about some items:

Here's a closeup of Fr. Collins' medals. Any idea what the one on the right is? He served mostly in the Middle East:


I think this is the corresponding part of his medal bar:


Thanks in advance,


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A bit here on Facebook


(unless thats your page)



Hi Graeme,

I saw that on Facebook and was able to gain access to the collection as part of a not-for-profit project.

I said I'd give them any additional info I could get hence the request to ID the medal.

Even they don't have any idea what the medal is!

Thanks anyway,


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Extract War Services of Officers of the Army December 1920 page 347

COLLINS Rev. I. (Temp Chaplain, 4th Class)

TheWar1914-9. M.C.

Extract Honour the Officers WW1 Awards page 197

COLLINS Ignatius T/Chap4 M.C. Army Chaplains Department NYHL Lond. Gaz. 1.1.1918 page 33

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