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Dear All,

Does anyone know anything about No. 26 Coastal Fire Command? I know it was a Cardiff based RGA HQ responsible (presumably) for the defence of the Newport/ Cardiff/ Swansea docks area and the north part of the Bristol Channel. There were gun batteries at Barry, Flatholm and Steepholme, and Lavernock Point but I have so far been unable to identify units or indeed much infrastructure associated with them. As per my previoos posts I am looking for possible physical remains to put on the map.


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WIth the reorganisation of the coastal companies to fire commands in 1918 I assume it was an amalgamation of both the Glamorgan RGA TF ( HQ Drill Hall Cardiff ) and the Pembroke RGA TF ( HQ Victoria House, Pembroke St, Pembroke Dock ). Of course if you were close to Kew then you could have a look at its war diary; http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/Details?uri=C7364620 . Chances are though that it only contains 1 or 2 pages but may explain its organisation and where situated.


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Cheers Kev,

Not close to Kew but thanks for the info. I had thought that units kept at home did not keep war diaries but perhaps coastal defences were classed differently? Do you know which Coastal Companies served in the Glam/Monmouthshire area? Could not see anything on LLT or by Googling. I have some references for RGA and RE electrical engineer personnel in Barry but the document deals with the construction of the auxiliary hospital there and does not refer to units. Would the gunners have been based in billets or in accommodation built near the batteries as per the earlier Palmerstone batteries? Apologies for the questions but the First World War period is a bit of a mystery for this patch compared to the Victorian and WW2 eras.

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