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Private James Taylor Cameron Highlanders

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I am looking into my Grandad's WW1 service and wonder if anyone could help and fill in the gaps.

From his service records I see that he was posted after training to the 5th Battalion Cameron Highlanders on 5 Sept 1917.

On 18 Sept 1917 he joined A Company and after that the next entry is on 19 April 1918 when he was sent to Hospital with Laringitis.

Just wondering if anyone can help with what A Company were up too between those 2 dates

His service no was 30989

Many Thanks

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5CH were part of 26 Brigade of 9 (Scottish) Division and were at the Battles of Third Ypres when your GD joined them. His first battle was the Battle of First Passchendaele on the 12 October 1917. You can find a summary on Wikipedia by entering the battle name. There is a part about 5th Army and XVIII Corps ( his group) and their trials on the day. You will also need to see what happened between that action and his next,which was at Cambrai on 30 Dec 1917,at the Action of Welsh Ridge (3 Army,VII Corps) where our troops were surprised by enemy in white uniforms and hidden by the snow !

There is a War Diary for the unit at Kew and this will fill in the detail of the unit's general activity,probably occasionally mentioning the tasks of the Companies. The Catalogue reference is WO95/1767, but not yet digital for downloading.

There is also a Divisional History for the 9 (Scottish) which you might be able to see at a larger library near you.

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