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Can you identify collar dog and cap badge?


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Dear forum members, I am after a collar dog/cap badge to go with a photo I am framing but need to know the what to look for. In the attached photo the man in question is a member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade attached to the Royal Navy Sick Berth Reserve. So basically what I am asking is, is the collar/cap badge a St John badge or a Sick Berth Reserve badge? Thanks alot, Markpost-2282-0-96732200-1384247156_thumb.jp

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Cap badge looks like St John to me.

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Yes it's S.J.A.B. Attached is a photo of the R.N.S.B.R., uniform worn by ratings not dressed as seamen. The cap badge is the usual red embroidered crown above anchor. The uniform & sleeve badge of a red cross is that worn by sick berth ratings, the only difference for the R.N.S.B.R., is the letters S.B.R., below the sleeve badge.


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