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Private Thomas Bolton 3993 or 306188


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I am researching an OAP's grandfather as a favour, I have his records but am puzzled by his regimental numbers, he attested as 3993 3/8 Royal Warwicks and went to France on 6.2.1916, he died on 1.7.1916 and 306188 1/8 Royal Warwicks. Both Thomas Boltons leave a widow, Florence of the same address so it has to be the same man.

After his death his papers refer to either number but mainly 3993


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The 3/8 battalion was a home based reserve unit for holding men until they were assigned to a battalion serving overseas. The 1/8 battalion was in action on 1st July and he was probably listed as missing and his death had not been confirmed by the time the TF infantry renumberd in early 1917. As he was still technically on the strength of htebattalion, he would have been issued a new TF number.See here for more details http://www.1914-1918.net/TF_renumbering_infantry.htm

The war diary covering the period you are interested in is available to download from TNA for £3.36

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