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soldier from the Queen's Regt (West Surrey) Regt


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ok, so i've got a medal , BWM to a solider from the Queen's Regt.

T-3017 Private Frank WALKER. renumbered later to 206506 Pte Walker.

MIC says entitled to Victory BWM and 1915 star.

the VM and BWM roll number is E/1/101 B/21 page 4/26 i think and the star is E/1/2B5 page 347.

theatre of war is stated as BALKANS (213) and he entered theatre on 17-7-15 and was demobbed (Disemb) 1-5-19

the T on his original number i think states he was TF.

now, what i can't work out is what Bttn he must have served in to have entered theatre in the Balkans in Aug 1915.

i think i'm missing something or it's so obvious i'm blind!

any help would be appreciated


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First of all it's not 213 on the medal card, it's 2B which indicates Gallipoli see :


Using the Long Long Trail it could be the 1/5th Battalion but it doesn't tie in with his date of entry 7.7.15


An expert on the Royal West Surreys should be able to help further.


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  • Admin

The 2/4th Battalion left Bedford on 17th July 1915 (17.7.15) and at 8pm sailed from Devonport on HMT Ulysses to go to war. They actually arrived at Suvla Bay on the 4th August and landed on the 9th.

The medal rolls at Kew will confirm whether or not this was his original Battalion but noting your current location and a visit would be difficult I suspect the mic shows the embarkation date. His renumbering places him in the 4th Bn and I've checked a couple of casualties from the 2/4th and they show the same date as entered theatre on their mic e.g. T/3214 Bosworth kia 9/8/15 and Charles C. Cannon T/1927

The war diary is online http://qrrarchive.websds.net/menu1.aspx?li=1


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Thank you BillyH and Kenf48.

Ken, you are most right, kew is a bit out of reach for a quick visit! thank you for the info and i'll get onto reading the diaries!

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