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Pommern Castle and Redoubt, Otto Farm, Dochy Farm


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Does anyone possess photographs of either Pommern Castle, Pommern Redoubt, Iberian Farm, Dochy Farm, Otto Farm? I have the photograph taken by an Australian of what looks to be a pillbox with "Otto Farm" on the side of it.

Wartime descriptions of these areas would be helpful also. I'm trying to get information about what these areas would've looked like in September 1917. Thank you!

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Stevie, I've had a look and cannot find anything to match the photo. Sorry.

It does look like it was taken post-war, with vegetation growing, and a sign board?


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Yes i thought the same thing. Looks too "cleaned up" to be wartime. I think somewhere I may have a picture of another pillbox captured by the AIF on 4 Oct 1917. I would believe it safe to assume that many of the pillboxes on that line of defense were similar.

I appreciate you taking the time to look. If I come across any I will be sure to let you know. Thanks!

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