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Remembered Today:

Robert W Arkell 12 Gloucestershire Regiment


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Good Afternoon,

Would you have a look at the scans I have made of a letter and envelope (dated 16.7.18) I have been fortunate to obtain and confirm my ideas or make some suggestions.

I bought the letter without knowing that it would be so interesting or contain so many names.

I think that the letter was sent; from France or Belgium by a Sergeant ??? (any help please)

To; 32914 Private Robert W Arkell in hospital in Manchester / Wigan.

The names mentioned in the letter appear to be in the statement, "Sergeant Pegg, Roberts, Cole, Pallett and a good few others have been wounded".

32914 Private Robert W Arkell served with The Gloucestershire Regiment and I have found a Sergeant N R Pegg (12 Gloucestershire Regiment) who was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (London Gazette 01 05.1918).

If poignant is the right word then I think it is poignant that Sergeant ??? hopes Robert Arkell enjoying himself and is A1, "but not getting well too quick and take my tip & stick that hospital as long as ever you can"

It also appears that Lieutenant Clifford John Druce (Gloucestershire Regiment) read the letter to censor it, he also added the comment "Good luck and not too quick recovery".

To me the letter shows the camaraderie of the trenches and also an indication of how a beneficial "Blighty" wound was considered.

As usual I will be doing my best to write a potted history of these men, so any help is greatly appreciated.

I will upload the scan of the envelope in this post and the scans of the letter will follow.

Thanks and regards,



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