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16th Heavy Battery, RGA - 9th April 1918


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Where was the 16th Heavy Battery, RGA located on the 9th April 1918 (Battle of Estaires)?

Was the battery attached to a Division / Army / other?

Would the battery have had 60-pounders at this time?


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16 HB were in two positions well forward of Neuf Berquin, under control of 1 HAG (Hvy Arty Group which became Brigade) XV Corps since December 1917, and in danger of being overrun because of the rapid advance of the enemy. One of their six x 60 pounders had suffered a premature on the 2nd. Their own horse teams were unable to reach the guns in the North position, so those of 21 HB were ordered to try instead. One of these was destroyed on route and the other suffered too many casualties as to be effective and so had to retire. The guns of 16 HB North were disabled before the men left.

The guns of 16 HB in their other position (South) were blown up before the personnel retired. The battery managed to fire some 600 rounds but suffered casualties as follows:

9 Wounded,

1 wounded and missing

1 missing

1 Officer wounded

1 Officer to hospital shell shock.

Positions were taken up that evening East of Neuf Berquin.



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