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Original burial location


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This is a bit of an odd one, and a question that may have been answered in the past.

I know in a number of cases men were burried in battlefield cemeteries, and then moved to more central cemeteries after the war. The CWGC have provided me with this information when I have approached them, but I was wondering if there was anywhere else (such as online sources) that have the same information available. I am researching a number of people and was keen to avoid causing the CWGC additonal work, and thought it would be easier to check if there was any way I could find out myself.

I understand that the information doesn't really add a lot, but I do like to find out as much as possible about the men I am researching and I think it is handy to find out the original burial location.

Any help would be great,


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As far as I know, unfortunately not. The only readily available source I know of is for Canadians. The CWGC is, I believe, in the process of digitally recording its archives, but whether it is intending on eventually making them available online, or for its own staff, I am not sure. They must be getting swamped at the moment, just going by the number of threads on the Forum regarding original burials.


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Many thanks for that. I had a feeling that might be the case but thought I'd ask anyway.

I have to say that I have always been very impressed with the speed of the CWGC turn around.

I have been reseraching a 2nd Lt who died of wounds in 1918. He is listed on the CWGC but they did not mention the fact that he had been awarded the MC and Bar. I supplied citations for both and they have agreed that it was an error and have updated the website and will change the headstone when time allows. The whole process, from my first email to the web site change, took a little over a week.


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