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1/9th Durham Light Infantry Feb 1916


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A friend's great-grandfather 2025 Private William Hawdon, 9th Durham Light Infantry (151th Brigade, 50th Division I think), died of wounds on 6th February 1916, and is buried in Perth (China Wall) Cemetery.

Can anyone tell me what 9th DLI were up to at the beginning of Feb 1916 please? Was it just day to day attrition of snipers/trench morters etc., or was there a more major action?

Thanks everyone


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The War Diary is available for download. It is very good as it names casualties etc


The WD records he was buried (looks like) 9.2.b.8.3 (sheet 28)

It also looks like he died the same day as the wounding

"6 Feb 1916 Railway Dugouts

We trench mortared the Birdcage opposite right of B4 vigorously at 8am, assisted by 18pdrs. Enemy replied with rifle grenade and small trench mortars on B2 and supports - we had seven casualties - two killed and five wounded."



PS I think it is 2075

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Many thanks Graeme - that's very helpful indeed: all my questions answered!

[And you are right about the number - I wrote it down wrong. His family have 2075, and the CWGC have it as 9/2075.]


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