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Remembered Today:

BBC Radio Wales: Sue Light


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The other guest on the programme was a genealogist discussing three other photos of two generations of soldiers from the Sheppard family who served during WW1. Cat Whitaway's blog detailing what was discovered about the soldiers is here:


The photo of Dorothy, the nurse that they would like to identify - they're hoping that a family member might recognise her - is right at the bottom of the BBC Radio Wales page in the OP above. Very small though. They've also mispelt the Sheppard surname on the blog link as Shephard

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Since then, it's been possible to decipher the photographer's address, which is believed to be in Barton Street, Seaton, Devon. As Seaton had just one hospital - Seaton V.A.D. Hospital - it seems quite likely that Dorothy was working there.


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Is there a link between Dorothy and the Sheppards or are they different items. Reason I ask is that on Arthur Sheppards' 'family form' he has a sister called Dorothy.


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