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Aldeburgh in World War 1

Guest CMHD

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My name is Catherine and I am the curator at Aldeburgh Museum. The museum is looking for stories about the First World War, especially those that concern Aldeburgh. If you can give me any information about the town, the people that went to war, and those that stayed at home, I would be most grateful.

Please contact me at enquiries@aldeburghmuseum.org.uk.

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Hi Catherine,

As I recall there are a few mentions (although the book itself deals with the early years of the Aldeburgh Festival in the 50s) in Ronald Blythe's latest book "A Time by the Sea". If I'm wrong then I can only apologise! Blythe's more famous book "Akenfield" certainly includes Great War veterans but may be too far out of the geographical remit.

Best wishes,


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Thank you for your replies.

I have met Simon, the gentleman researching the names on the war memorial, and we hope to help each other. I am also looking for stories about the town and its people during the war. I have bought a copy of Ronald Blythe's new book, but haven't read it yet and I shall have a look at Akenfield as well, many thanks.

Best wishes


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