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London Territorial Units

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As part of a personal family history project, I'm trying to get details of which Territorial Units were based in the London area 1914-16, together with the names of the commanding officers of any of the units, if known.

Any help or pointers would be most gratefully received and acknowledged in the finished work (though only my family will know of it! :)

Thanks in anticipation.

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Browsing through the various units listed under http://www.1914-1918.net/regiments.htm will help (should also look for Yeomanry and other branches of service too, which can also be found on the site). Depend what you mean by based too. The various units of the London Regiment which was entirely territorial would still have had some presence at their home drill halls for recruiting and so on, but the units themselves would ahve been on active service, or second and third line units stationed around the UK. Wimbledon Common certainly had some of the East Surrey territorials on it early in the war. Richmond Park had military usage too, but I don't know if any territorials.

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Post#36 will be a help but also some of the other posts. Other posts give drill halls and HQ's.

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All answers in just two publications....

1. the Territorial Force 1914 by Ray Westlake. It lists every TF unit and their location.

2. The Army List. Published at least annually, and often more frequently in some years. The May 1915 copy certainly shows the TF units separately, particularly the large Corps such as the. RE and the RFA and RGA and RHA which the Regulars tend to lump together. it is therefore possible to see who commanded TF units in these larger bodies. They are quite expensive so if you are able to trek to the National Archives at Kew they have every volume. Ditto The National Army Museum in Chelsea and the IWM (I think). Failing that your local library might have a copy or copies. There is a copy of the Army List 1914 free online. A GWF member posted it recently. Just search "Army List " on the GWF and it will probably come up. PDF file. Very useful.


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Apologies for being so long in responding - and many, many thanks for your suggestions, all of which I am following up. The 1914 Army List has already turned up one name which has led me down an intriguing side-path in the family.

Once again, my thanks for all your help.

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