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Remembered Today:

1st/6th Gloucestershire Regiment, 23/07/1916 48th Division


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Hey Pals

I'm doing a bit of research for a friend and I've drawn a bit of a blank, can anyone tell me where 1/6 Gloucestershire Reg were on 23/7/1916, the Brigades diary isn't online yet (the other two are) so I'm hoping someone on here has a copy .

Also does anyone know if there is a Divisional History for 48th Division?


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The Glosters history has an account of the events surrounding The Battle of Pozieres Ridge with a detailed map.

PM me your email address if the material is of interest



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Of all the Divisional Histories published by Naval and Military Press there isn't one for 48 Division.

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Martin PM sent, thank you so much!

Sotonmate, Well thats just my luck, would have been nice to send him a copy of it as a gift, would give him a picture of what his Uncle went through until he was killed on the 23/07/1916

Cheers guys much appreciated.


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On the 22nd they were relieved by the 1/4th Battalion and moved back to trenches around DONNET POST, La Boiselle.

The 1/6th were hit hard with casualties in July.


5 killed

2 died of wounds.

10 wounded.

Other Ranks:-

15 killed.

62 missing believed killed.

5 died of wounds.

296 wounded.

I have the war diary for that period and the additional attack supplements.

PM your e-mail address and I will send over.



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