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DSM info for Peter Stanley Livingstone - HMS Lion


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Dear forum members, can anybody point me in the right direction regarding getting the citation for Peter Stanley Livingstone who was awarded the DSM following action during the Battle of Dogger Bank, while serving on HMS Lion. Thanks very much, Mark

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If you send me a PM with your e-mail address I have the details you may be looking for.


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Is this information published in an official publication such as the Gazettes or the Fleet Annual? I see some citations but not all. I haven't looked to see what the demarcation is for this is whether it's rank of recipient or level of award?

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W.H. Fevyer published 2 books (WW1 and WW2) with the citations, such as they are.

I obtained mine years ago from naval and Military and, as i recall, they were relatively cheap. However, upon Googling they now seem quite expensive.

heres Livingstone's page




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