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Shrewsbury Wilfred Owen fan Naomi Nicoholas has made a home movie about the war poet's links with her home town which was launched on Youtube on the 4th (www.youtube.com/user/plaswilmot). "With the Great War Centenary so close I thought it would be a good time to do this" said Naomi. In the movie Naomi visits eight Wilfred Owen 'hotspots" and builds up a picture of the poet's life in the town. The Owen family first lived in Shrewsbury in the late 1890's and returned in 1907 after a spell in Birkenhead. "They were still here when Wilfred was killed on November 4th 1918 just before the Armistice." said Naomi "I think the movie is a good primer - but even the most well read Wilfred fan will find something new!". Shrewsbury's three Owen Houses are all included in the movie. Naomi promises that the movie is "not all doom and gloom" and that "Wilfred had his lighter side which is fully explored" .

"We don't shout loud enough"

Naomi's interest in Wilfred Owen stems from the time when she lived at his birthplace - Plas Wilmot in Oswestry. "We made a movie then called 'A Poet at Plas Wilmot' (also on Youtube) which introduces people to the beautiful late Georgian house where Wilfred was born and spent his first four years. This is the sequel". Naomi is dismissive of suggestions that Shrewsbury is stealing Wilfred Owen away from Oswestry. "English Heritage say that Plas Wilmot is the most important place in Wilfred's development. There is no argument about that. Plas Wilmot comes first - it is the jewel in the crown. Looked at as a whole Shropshire's links to the poet are unrivalled but we don't shout loud enough. I want to do something about that.

Watch the movie:

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