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34 Field Ambulance, 11 Div


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Hello - a very long short.

The HQ 11 Div (Admin) war diaries do not include the war diary of the 34th Field Ambulance to my knowledge. I suspect it was lost. Is anyone aware of any material relating to this unit for August 1915? Any pointers would be gratefully received.

There is a summary of the Fd Ambs in the ADMS diary (appendix 2: "Report on the work of the Field Ambulances XIth Division" ) but I am looking for material that directly relates to this unit. I have the OH and the OH Medical Services Vol IV.

Thanks in advance.


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I’m not sure whether this will help but the 34th Field Ambulance has several mentions within the 35th Field Ambulance War Diary and are as follows: (I have tried not to correct spelling, abbreviations and punctuation as far as is practicable).

7.8.15 2.30am

Landed near SUVLA BAY without incident- At 8am a dressing Station was established at NEBRUNESI POINT…

12 Noon

....During the greater part of this day the Bearer Division and Dressing Station were working under Shrapnel fire and there were some casualties among the personnel of the 34th Field Ambulance who were attached - (3 Killed - Six wounded). On the night of the 7th the unit was working all night and also B section of the 34th Field Ambulance.

SUVLA BAY 8.8.15

The dressing station on the Beach was closed & moved up to the NORTH WEST corner of SALT LAKE, near to where the headquarters of the 34th Infantry Brigade was established.

The following names were sent in for special mention [This may include some 35th Field Ambulance personnel]

Lieut. H.G.Frayer, Lieut. G.D. Read, Lieut. D.H.Haddon, Lieut. G.V.Stockdale, Lieut. Costobadie 34th Fd Amb. Atch. [Men from 35th Field Ambulance are then listed with the following attached men of 34th Field Ambulance listed separately] 47212 Sergt. TESSYMAN W.F., 47090 Sgt. SHOON F ., 35032 Cpl HILL S., 47091 Pte STRONG W.D,. 46721 Pte LEDGER S.H, 46364 Pte TURNBULL H., 33707 Pte ANDERSON W., 53831 Pte KENYON E.

SUVLA BAY 11.8.15

The following casualties occurred on the dates mentioned

9th 2 wounded (34th Field Ambulance)

10th 1 Killed, 2 wounded (do.)

SUVLA BAY 12.8.15

….Several shells were dropped in or near the dressing station - two men of 34th Field Ambulance wounded.

SUVLA BAY 16.8.15

There was an attack on the left by the 10th Division last night…….Two bearer Subdivisions from each ambulance (34th & 35th) were sent out but very few wounded were collected.

SUVLA BAY 19.8.15

Last night there was a night attack in which the XIth Division were engaged……One Bearer Subdivision each from the 34th & 35th Field Ambulance proceeded to their assistance to help clear the casualties.

SUVLA BAY 31.8.15

Capt. A.L. SHEARWOOD, CAPT A.WILSON, LIEUT. T.R.SNELLING. LIEUT. E.TAWSE & 40 (forty) other ranks 34th Field Ambulance left to join the 29 Division.

SUVLA BAY 9.12.15

34th Fld. AMB. joined the camp.

SUVLA BAY 12.12.15

34th F.AMB embarked.

On the 13th December the 35th Field Ambulance is evacuated with 10 Officers and 213 Other ranks remaining behind. These included included Captains Shearwood and Spence from the 34th Field Ambulance. Captain A L Shearwood is wounded on 18th December. Captain Wilson from the 34th Field Ambulance was wounded on the same day.

Captain Spence arrived with 40 men at Kephalos at 5.30am on 20th December. The War Diary notes that Captain Spence and Lieutenant Honey and 34th Field Ambulance detachment took over a new camp and detention hospital for 33rd Brigade on 4th January 1916.

The final entry is:


Arrived ‘ALEXANDIA’, disembarked and proceeded to SIDI BISHI camp. 3 officers, 3 OR. 33rd F.A., 3 officers, 3 OR. 34th F.A. attached for duty & rations until their units arrived.

I think you may already have the Embarkation Officer (Mudros) War Diary but it notes that the 34th Field Ambulance arrived at Mudros on 19th July 1915 on SS Haverford and left on 22nd July 1915 for Imbros.

The 35th Field Ambulance War Diary has a couple of plans attached including the layout of the field hospital which may be of interest and one is attached below. Would the 34th Field Ambulance have been similar?

Kind regards



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Martin, have you tried the Wellcome Library's archive?

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Sea Jane - I haven't, but thank you for alerting me to this....WOW ...an amazing resource. And lots of it free online. Nothing on 34 Field Ambulance specifically but that might be due to indexing issues. Worth a trawl.

Thank you for highlighting this. Lots of excellent material. ...and lost on 35th Fd Ambulance. A Clarenece Wallace RAMC of th 35th Fd Ambulance seems to have kept a diary....


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Glad I could help :)

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Fine... I think my mailbox has space, but I may have to pass you on to someone else - because I don't actually :blush: know everything...

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  • 3 years later...

Hunting for this unit myself and the diary for 34th Field Ambulance from July 1916 onwards is HERE on Ancestry. September 1916 from image 236/717 on Ancestry.

A distant relative died whilst at the 34th Field Ambulance, 30th Sept 1916, near AVELUY.

 Sheet number: 57d SE; Edition number: 2d. square W17,

Charles William Sydney Clark (1894-1916)

Rank - Driver, Regiment - Royal Engineers, Regimental Number - 162770, 106th Field Cmpy (Have diary)

Due to the numbers of casualties I am struggling to pin down any mention of him, how he was injured, or a list noting his death apart from the details on Soldiers effects and FWR.  the Medal Roll & Index Haven't found service record yet, might be missing.

He is buried at Bouzincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Plot: I.H.17


There must be lists of those who died at Specific places/Field Ambulances? available online?

 thanks in advance for any help


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