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William Gowans Argyll+Sutherland Highlanders,MIC Help.


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Hi all,im hopeing that someone on this forum can help me with info about my great granddad. I have been in contact with the argylls research department at their museum and they think the problem is his regimental #1977 issued in 1914. The following is Williams military history as I no it.

1893 age 17 enlisted Argyll+sutherland highlanders reg#4646 served east indies/south Africa.

1905 General service infantry reg#4646.

1914 Argyll+sutherland highlanders reg#1977.

1919 Royal Army Medical Corps reg#220256.

Any info on his service and medal entitlement would be great, cheers ash.

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This probably indicates he completed his first period of service left the army and reenlisted in 1914. 2 periods of service and treaded completly seperately by the army, probably 2 sets of service papers as well.

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James is correct about two separate periods of service and sets of records. In fact, a search of the surviving WO 364 service files on Ancestry shows that things were even more complicated and that he has three sets of service records.

Set 1:

13/01/1893: enlisted A&SH

23/11/1894-17/04/1902: East Indies with 2nd Bn

18/04/1902-08/09/1902: South Africa with 1st Bn

12/01/1905: discharged, time-expired

08/02/1905-07/02/1909: Section 'D' Reserve

Set 2:

18/08/1914: re-enlisted 10th A&SH

08/10/1914: discharged, medically unfit (defective vision?)

Set 3:

12/10/1914: re-enlisted 6th Black Watch, Private 2391

03/05/1915-04/03/1916: BEF with 1/6th BW

04/03/1916-05/10/1918: Home Service as Private 2391/265675, 6th Black Watch; 27/10/1917, Private 404110, 476th HS Employment Coy., Labour Corps; 11/12/1917, 4th BW

06/10/1918-12/12/1918: BEF as Private 204887, 11th South Lancashire Regiment

21/01/191: disembodied

25/04/1919: re-enlisted RAMC, Private 220256

He didn't waste much time between his medical discharge and re-enlistment in October 1914. Obviously determined that he was going to see active service.

If not a subscriber, probably worth seeing if there is a trial period and then cancelling once you have downloaded all the pages.


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Just picking up on Stuart's advice re Ancestry - bear in mind your local library may permit free access to the Ancestry library edition.

Steve Y

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Thanks guys,i do have an account with ancestry so will keep digging to find Williams medals.A little bit more info on William is that he also fought in Spanish civil war,before ending his days back home cheers ash.

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