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Lowther's Lambs


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Does anyone know where I can find postcards or other images of Lowther's Lambs that I can use on my website, please? I would ask for permission before using any images, of course, but, so far, I haven't been able to find any on the Internet, anyway. Perhaps, I'm not looking in the right places!

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello Gareth,

That website was the first thing I came across! It's brilliant and I learned great deal from it. I have, actually, asked permission to use some of the images. What I was hoping for, was someone with a story or stories they had never told or postcards/photos they had never shown. An exceedingly long shot I must admit but worth trying! It's all for a local Exhibition on WW1.

Anyway, thanks Gareth for taking the time to reply - I'm very grateful to you,


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