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Remembered Today:

Attrition in the ranks


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As a humble OR who only makes occasional postings may I ask a hypothetical question?

The ranks in the forum are clearly top heavy with brass. If the membership of the forum were frozen at this point and there were no further promotions: applying the attrition rates of WW1 for subalterns and above: how long would it take to dispose of the officers so that only the ORs are left to declare an armistice and demobilise? :D


Mel :P

ps. There is no need to include any algebraic calculations in the response!

pps. Has anybody reached the exalted station of Field Marshall yet? How many posts are required?

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I have bought this subject up before as i am a MAJOR, not just a right Nigel any more but a MAJOR NIGEL :D None of the knobs above me came up with a proper answer, but i have figuered it out for myself----Nothing will change until Graceland gets up there, then you will see things start to move, besides the jukebox going out the window of the mess, i think you will definetley see changes on how we all get promoted :lol:

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