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Newspaper Death Notice Photo`s Help


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Hello All.

I was hoping that someone might be able to enlighten me as to the source of the photo`s of soldiers that often appeared with the Death Notices in newspapers of the time.

Would they have been taken upon enlistment for example?

The reason I ask is that if they were taken upon enlistment, then I may stand a chance of seeing a picture of one or possibly even both of my relatives K.I.A. This would be my only chance of doing that, as no family pictures exist of either man, and it would be wonderful to put a face to all the research.

Slim chance I know, but the thought that there might be a photo out there somewhere keeps me awake at night.

Many thanks for looking.

Best regards.

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I'm pretty sure there were no official photos taken on enlistment. Often the men seem to have had a photo taken in uniform, often shortly before they were posted overseas, probably so the family had something to put on show (photos were still something of a luxury item at the time), and the family presumably then passed these to the local newspaper where the bad news came (or maybe the local photographer did it themselves).

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I would agree with David's comment.

Looking into the early newspapers of the war time, you see many editions with pages full of pictures of men who had enlisted and were heading off to war, Than later would come the casualty reports, and often the same picture would be re-used.

But definitely not official pictures.

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If my local newspapers are any indication (and I am pretty sure they are) then 90%+ of photos were taken before they were posted overseas.

Importantly, there were countless photos of "Patriots" in the newspapers for 1914/5 and 1916 when they enlisted (frequently reprinted a year or so later for sadder reasons). If you are desperate for a photo of a relative you need to check the local papers from the date they enlisted - not just the date they died.

Perhaps you should add the mens names and regiments here, you never know your luck.


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Thanks very much for your comments gents. I appreciate you all taking the time to try to help.

I would say though that I`m disappointed to learn this, as I would have stood more of a chance if they had been "official" photographs.

I did sign up with British Newspaper Archives, but unfortunately their coverage for Birmingham ends well before WW1. I`m following the progress of their promised updates with interest.

Meanwhile, it looks like my last chance might be a trip to Birmingham Library.

The men`s names are listed "in memory of..", beneath my post. As BillyH says; "you never know".

Thanks again. Best regards.

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im looking for photo of my great great grandfather rifleman thomas robert broughton was in 1st battalion of the K.R.R.C

he lived in birmingham his wife was agnes may wootton and they had 2 children ellen elizabeth and emily he died

in france in 1916 his body never found also want to find death notice in paper, i have his service records but would

love to know what he looked like i know he was 5'9 skinny brown hair and blue eyes with a mole on his back, all

this was in his army records

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