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The Bluff Ypres Salient


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I will be in the Salient next week and am looking to visit and walk The Bluff. Would anybody be able to advise me where is the best place to park the car.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Hi Trevor

You have two choices. First of all you can park near Spoilbank Cemetery (there are spaces for several cars there). From that point you can walk the whole of The Bluff. Secondly, you can park in the parking area of the Palingbeek Park. To get to this car park, turn left at Shrapnel Corner in the direction of Hill 60. Shortly after the left-hand turn for Hill 60, there is a sign on your right for De Palingbeek Provincial Domein. Follow this road to its end (there is a cafe there - it might be open if you are in luck). Go down the steps in front of you and you are right on the canal. There is a German pillbox at the bottom of the steps. You are then in the middle of The Bluff with walks either side of you.


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Park In Ypres, walk the canal to spoilbank, then the bluff before returning via the Zillabeke. It depends on how far you want to walk really :)

We found the spoilbank cemetery area full of local cars last week. No doubt local walkers also out. Ypres to Spoilbank via canal is 5km.

Steve M

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  • All of the above are good options but not the only ones. You could park in the Astro lab car park near Chester Farm or even at the Hollebeke end of the Bluff. Nice walk from there past cratered areas, bunker remains and WW2 British Universal Carrier relic from that end.You could also stop and pray a tad at the Belgian so called God tree if you so wish!!!

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I parked at the Hollebeke end of the Bluff yesterday, there is ample room and only a few metres away from a large intact German bunker !


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