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Ft LT served RNAS Polegate, help needed please


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I'm hoping someone can please help me, my Gt Aunt's husband served as a Ft Lt at RNAS Polegate during 1916/17, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with any more of his activiities, I know that Polegate was an airship base, but I'm afraid I have no further information.

His name was William Rose Mathews Hill, he is listed as William R.M. Hill in the Navy lists for 1916/17 unfortunately, other than him surviving the war this is all I know.

I'm very grateful for any help anyone can give me.


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There is a W.R.H. Hill, Captain RAF, in the December 1918 Navy List. Serving at Plymouth Headquarters [under C. in C. Devonport], [No.9 Operations Group].

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The RNAS officers' files (ADM 273 for officers, ADM 188 for other ranks) are often painful purchases, e.g. you can end up buying a blank ledger that refers to his RNVR or RN service before transfer to the RNAS. Here are two files of potential relevance:

http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/Details?uri=C9746132 and


Bear in mind, of the 3 pages in each the first is a blank page, which carries the UK National Archives logo. Each file therefore only contains two pages of scanned content. One of these two files is probably largely blank and worthless; the other hopefully contains some information. (Alas I've no way of guessing which is which).

His RAF officers' file contains 5 pages but it is likely that the RNAS service is only denoted by a series of ledger entries re locations at which he served, e.g. it wouldn't contain the detail of the RNAS files in terms of assessments of character and ability etc. However, if you want an overview of the dates, times and places at which he served then the RAF file might help as a starting point for looking up particular squadron histories and so forth:


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