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German Hussars


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I've seen a couple of pictures which show frontline British soldiers wearing Leib Husar "death's head" Pelzmutze as trophies - usually in a comical fashion.

What uniform would the original owners of these items have worn on the battlefield?

The only Prussian / German hussar pictures I can find look very 19th Century.

Any links & pics appreciated

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Matin - 1st and 2nd Leib Husaren (I think). The attached wiki link shows a German fighter ace who was an Hussar (not Leib Husar), so the general uniform is what you would have seen.


I'm sure others will be along with better and more pictures.

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Worn in the field. There is an excellent reference book in the old Almark series (remember them?): a series of (IIRC) 3 books on Heavy Cavalry, Hussars and Mounted Rifles and Lancers, published in the 70's. I didn't think to look last night and am away tonight so if no-one gets in first I'll see if i can find them tomorrow evening and look further.

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