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khyber ropeway company army service corps


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Can anybody help with information about this. I have just found out my grandfather was sent to India in 1919 when he reenlisted after WW1 and was in this corps until 1924 when demobbed when company reduced. He originally enlisted at Victoria Barracks Cork Ireland 1915 and reenlisted there in 1919.

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This link from Archive.org says the Khyber Ropeway was erected in 1919, handled a maximum of 200 tons of goods per day, was 19 miles long and was to be dismantled owing to difficulties with the Afghans

page 391 The Meccano Magazine August 1925.


Two photograph from the National Army Museum collection

The ropeway transit system, Landi Kotal, 1919. NAM. 1963-09-633-4 and NAM. 1963-09-633-12



The King’s College London , Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives website (http://www.kcl.ac.uk/lhcma/cats) has a catalogue reference

LIDDELL: 15/3/167 1910-1936

Journal articles relating to British defence in India, including …..'The Khyber Ropeway Company' by Lt Col Richard Parry Crawley in Royal Army Service Corps Quarterly [1931];


You would probably be able to purchase a copy if you do not have access to London.



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The reference to the article above, 'The Khyber Ropeway Company' appears to be in the RASC Quarterly - Volume 12 1924


This article is available from the pay website Royal Logistic Corps Digital Library

There is now a FIBIS Fibiwiki page called "Khyber Ropeway Company"




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