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Remembered Today:

FELEDZIAK - 10 years on the forum

Martin Feledziak

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  • Martin Feledziak changed the title to Andreas FELEDZIAK 1889 - Konigs Infanterie Regiment 145

So it would appear that Andreas FELEDZIAK did survive the Great War.

He would have been a reservist and was wounded with IR145 in 1914


XVI Armeekorps
34th Infanterie Division.
68th Infanterie Brigade
Konigs Infanterie Regiment No145 - (METZ)
Kompanie 12.........................Andreas Feledziak born 1889 (11) Wounded 1914


His death certificate indicates that he died on 22 July 1942 during the second war.

I believe he had been living in Adolf Hitler Street, Berlin

He was a railway station conductor.



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  • Martin Feledziak changed the title to Marcin FELEDZIAK 1897 - IR 171 (115th Division)
  • 2 months later...

Relevant to the first post on this page.

This is a stereogram borrowed from another thread.

It does demonstrate the utter desolation of the region.

This would be where Martin FELEDZIAK Fusilier regiment No39 was captured.



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  • Martin Feledziak changed the title to Marcin FELEDZIAK 1897 - IR 171 (115 th Division) Argonne Forest October 1918

Today being 14th October was the birthday of Marcin FELEDZIAK. He was born in the year 1897. 

103 years ago today would have been his 21st birthday.


He was in the Argonne Forest facing a battle for his life.


we will never know his thoughts on that day as he never spoke a word about that experience.


fortunately he survived that war and the following war.


He died of mining related diseases in 1968

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  • 1 month later...

Street view has not yet appeared on Google earth but 3D modelling is present.

I have been having a look at the photographers in Gera where Marcin posed for his September 1919 photograph.

with a view to plotting it's position.

It was in a street originally called Adelheidstrasse.

Now Clara Zetkin street

I have yellowed the below images.




(Clara Zetkin was a German Marxist theorist, communist activist, and advocate for women's rights. Until 1917,

she was active in the Social Democratic Party of Germany. She then joined the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany and its far-left wing, the Spartacist League)

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  • Martin Feledziak changed the title to Johann FELEDZIAK 1897 - FR 37 July 1917 - Hill 304 and Dead Mans Hill

Just gone 105 years since Great Uncle Johann FELEDZIAK died of wounds in military hospital at Stenay, France.

A member of Fusilier Regiment, Von Steinmetz, No 37.

He had been wounded on 28th June 1917 on hill 304.


Fus 37.jpg

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It is hard to believe that hundreds of thousands of soldiers perished in this zone during the Great War.

I have visited the region on three occasions. Nature has reclaimed the shattered topography and few vestiges remain to prove what happened there.

I have added an overlay onto Google earth and it gives a reasonable match of the features of 1917.

Johan is buried in the military cemetery at Consonvoye, top right of picture. Hill 304 is marked centre of picture








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  • Martin Feledziak changed the title to Marcin FELEDZIAK 1897 - IR 171- Romagne Sous Montfaucon October 1918

On 14th October 1918 - Grandfather, Marcin FELEDZIAK born 1897, would endure his 21st birthday in a miserable fight for his life facing the American 32nd Division in the environs of Robinette farm.

He did survive..


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  • Martin Feledziak changed the title to FELEDZIAK - 10 years on the forum

So it is almost 10 years since I landed on this forum looking for information about Johann FELEDZIAK.

So here is a list of my family who endured The Great War.

Some died as a result of the conflict, some badly wounded and just Anton FELEDZIAK  I could not resolve.

It is true to say that all of those involved would now have joined those who fell and the others who perished during the conflict.


     Great War family tree:- Served and died

 John Platt JENKINSON, 1897-1918, Gunner 168060, Royal Field Artillery, Died of wounds - Arneke Military Cemetery - France
 Anton FELEDZIAK - 1892 - 1917, Gefallen- Unknown Grave somewhere in Russia
 Johann FELEDZIAK, 1891 - 1915,  Pioneer Regiment No29 Killed on 22 04 1915  Servon Melzicourt military cemetery - France
Johann FELEDZIAK, 1897 - 1917, Fusilier Regiment No37 Von Steinmetz -  ( Hill 304 )  1917 Consenvoye military cemetery - France
Arthur JENKINSON, 1876 - 1918, Pte 44860 Notts and Derby - died 13 03 1919 - Fulford cemetery - Stoke-On-Trent

                                                                       Great War family tree:- Served and unknown

Martin FELEDZIAK 1895, 4 Kompagnie Fusilier Regiment No39 - Prisoner of War 1915

                                                                        Great War family tree:- Served and Survived

Andreas FELEDZIAK 1889 - Konigs infanterie Regiment No145, Metz - 1914 Wounded. Died 1942

 Percy Robinson PRATT, 1879 - 1951, Army Veterinary Corps 26085, 1/4th Cheshire Regiment 40875

 Martin FELEDZIAK 1897 - 1968, 10 Kompagnie Infanterie Regiment No 171.
 Felix Robinson PRATT, 1894-1980, Royal Garrison Artillery 11386, Royal Engineers 252695
 Jacob FELEDZIAK 1886 , Reserve Infanterie Regiment No61 and Reserve Jager Battalion No2 - Seriously Wounded 1916.
Josef FELEDZIAK 1894 - 1970, 13 Kompanie, Reserve Infanterie Regiment No6 - Prisoner of War 1916

Samuel James Robinson PRATT, 1880 - 1956 , Pte DM2-208112, Army Service Corps.

Karol FELEDZIAK 1888 Dubiecko -Galician Infantry Regiment Freiherr Von Albori No 89  - 1940 Captain Polish Army murdered Katyn Forest

 Raymond Silvers PRATT, 1879 - Captain - The Duke of Cambridge's Own - Middlesex Regiment

Walenty FELEDZIAK 1898 - could have been German army but was  a part of the Polish uprising in Poznan 1918 - Fledgling polish Army

 Arthur Lionel PRATT 1898, Royal Garrison Artillery 134065, 122 Hvy By, SWB 39113

Francis PRATT 1889 - 1965, Driver 56716 4th Brigade Royal Field Artillery.
Norman JENKINSON 1895, Gunner 85921, 27th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, Wounded October 1917


Edited by Martin Feledziak
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