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Richard Chambers Sterricker


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Good morning all,

I am hoping for yet again some information to guide me, I am trying to trace my partners family back to WW1 and have managed to find his Great Uncle, I have all the documents from Ancestry (amazing!) but could anyone please help in researching more.

I have his reg no t4/042906 his unit was 48560 rank dwl? reg or corps rasg? Full name was Richard Chambers Sterricker and I can see he got 20 days pay docked for visiting a wine shop, naughty naughty!!

Is there any way I can research where and how his regiment were in the great war? Any information would be much appreciated!!

Many thanks


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RASC (Army Service Corps) and he was a Driver (DVR).

He went overseas with 486 Company ASC ( they weren't Royal during the War) which was part of 27 Division Train,the supply arm of the Group. He served in Salonika with the Division,see this page from the Long Long Trail,at top left of this page:


You will see from the units down page that the Divisional Train included 486 Company.You will also see what they did in general.

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There is a War Diary for 27 Div Train which might help with happenings. The reference is WO95/4886 in the Discovery database of the National Archives,probably not yet digital for download though.

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