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Help with RAF record


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Can anyone help expand on the details contained within this lads details. Any help appreciated


HASKINS, 2/Lt Edward.

Enlisted: (Royal Air Force): 22/04/1918. According to family members Edward had previously enlisted aged 16 into the Royal Flying Corps. To date none of his RFC papers or supporting evidence has found to support this claim.

Address / Next Of Kin, family details: Son of Thomas and Annie Haskins, The Hyde, Purton.

Extracts from: Service record (Royal Air Force).

22/04/1918 G.D.D.

03/05/1918 No2 G.W.

24/05/1918 I.3.D.A.

08/06/1918 Eastchurch.

22/08/1918 1 (0) S.A.G

04/09/1918 2nd Lt

07/11/1918 120 Squadron RAF. The Great War ended before the Squadron became operational, so 120 Squadron spent late 1918 and 1919 flying communication and mail flights in Western Europe.

21/03/1919 Dispersal.

Evidence for inclusion on the Purton Parish list: National Archive details (RAF Service records), Photograph held in Purton Museum (Royal Air Force).

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22/04/1918 G.D.D. - CDD = Cadet Distribution Depot, Hampstead, London
03/05/1918 No2 G.W. - No.2 CW = No.2 Cadet Wing, Hastings
24/05/1918 I.3.D.A. - ?
08/06/1918 Eastchurch.
22/08/1918 1 (0) S.A.G = No.1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe


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It would appear that he was a Cadet which means he will have an Other Ranks Service record as well as an Officers Service record.

There is a service record for an Edward Haskins, Service number 137407, at the National Archives at kew.

The file ref. is AIR79/1233.

This service number is from a batch issued to Cadets.

Hope this helps,


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