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My WWI novel "Roar of the Lion" needs readers for historical a


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Hello avid WWI aficionados,

After seven years of exhaustive research and writing, my novel (tentatively called) "The Roar of the Lion" is set to be released in May of 2014 in time for the centenary of the Great War. This is a fictional story woven into historical facts.

But, before the book can be released, I need a few experts to read the book and to comment on historical accuracies. It's free to read, either in whole or just on the chapters relevant to training and battle.

The story...

Dai Bowen a 20-year old from a tiny village in Wales, leaves his loved ones to fulfill his dreams as a London banker. Within a week of his arrival, the war breaks out, turning Dai's grand plans upside down. When the banks appear to be collapsing, he enlists, believing, like many, that the war would be over by Christmas.

The story also follows the effects of war on Dai's family in Wales, most especially his girlfriend, who leaves home to join the war effort in south London.

Unusual circumstances force Dai and his newly-trained recruits to be deployed into the the raging battle being fought in the Salient, experiencing the horrific reality of warfare. Despite the fear and harsh conditions on the front lines, Dai finds solace in the cameraderie he shares with his fellow soldiers, both in the trenches and back in Poperinge. However, a chance encounter during the Christmas truce changes Dai's life forever.

Woven into the story is the journey of a 25-year old painter, Adolf Hitler, revealing newly discovered truths about his early days as an infantryman, as well as position as a dispatch runner in the List Regiment.

Packed with drama, battles, loves and losses, "The Roar of the Lion" is set to be released around May of 2014 in time for the centenary.

If you'd like to be one of a handful of people to receive an advanced PDF of the book in order to critique as well as enjoy, please email me at juliantmoss@gmail.com and we shall discuss. I am limiting this off to only five or six people/experts.

Thank you all.



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I'm moving this to "Chit-Chat" as it is not a Centenary project per se and does not readily sit anywhere else.

Keith Roberts

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Can you make it so that Hitler get's killed? (like really early on)

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Thanks Old Sweats,

What I have attempted to do in my book is to portray what a young Hitler might have been like, what he might have said and done based on new research. What we have tended to regurgitate in the past about Hitler in WWI, is what he himself has wanted us to think, based on propaganda that he set into play as he was coming to power before WWII. My personification of Hitler in WWI is based upon extensive research that Thomas Weber wrote about in his brilliant book 'Hitler's First War'. Although not a novel, Weber's is packed with facts and data that give us a better idea of what Hitler was probably like between 1914 to 1918.

I've married Weber's data with facts about the List Regiment's movements to breathe life into this disturbed character. Although it is only about 15% of my entire novel, it is an important part historically and fictionalised.


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