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Field Ambulance Records


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I understand that some field ambulance records are held at the N.A. Can anyone tell me what information is included in these field ambulance records?



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There is a huge amount of information contained in the Admission & Discharge Registers - if you can find the right one. You need to have a trawl through MH106 to see the Field Ambulance records that have been retained (a small percentage, unfortunately). I have attached a page from MH 106/215 which is 149th Field Ambulance 1916 May 26-July 22.


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There are also some Field Ambulance reports in the Wellcome Library's Archives division, I believe.

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Hello Graham

To add to David's post, the Admissions and Discharge Registers in class MH106 are as follows:

MH106/1 to 64: 14 Field Ambulance

MH106/65 to 127: 51 Field Ambulance

MH106/128 to 154: 66 Field Ambulance

MH106/155 to 205: 139 Field Ambulance

MH106/206 to 278: 149 Field Ambulance

These are the only ones available, I'm afraid. Files MH106/2385 to 2389, at the end of the class, contain guides on how to use the records.


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