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C.W.G.C. Inspection Formats + Maps


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This is another example from one of the inspection formats that I received from the C.W.G.C.

I had requested a map for the Smethwick cemeteries, and was amazed at the extra details provided in the accompanying documents.

The maps are a little out of the ordinary too. Tried to post one but the file was apparently too large. Maps and documents are here for anyone who wants to P.M. me anyway. I have Smethwick Old Churchyard, and Smethwick Uplands.

Just thought I`d post this to highlight the service that the C.W.G.C. provide, in the hope that it might assist someone in the future who has war graves to track down. :poppy:

PLOT 14 (C.E.)

SHAW A 2 5' White marble headstone.

Matching plain kerbs. Turf infill. 1B

1R of 3' WM angel mounted on

triple base to IRVING (pathside).

Also approximately 52yards behind

Murray and 5 yards right.

1210 C.5012 PM WW1 NO


1220 POVEY E A.768 CH Portland WW2 0 CM Level turf.

PLOT 4 (C.E.)

MARSH C E 2 4' Grey granite cross. 2 Tier base.

Kerbs, chippings. DGS. Pathside.

Forward over the path from Povey

and 25 left.

1230 A.693 PM WW1 NO

BURNHAM A Botticino 0 Inscribed grey granite kerbs. Earth

infill. Behind 5' R/G cross, on 4

bases NIcholes. CH 30cm in from

head kerb.

1240 B.980 CH WW1 NO

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I have to say that I'm really quite impressed with the CWGC document for the Old Church and would heartily recommend contact if you wish to know how long it's been since the stones have been checked


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My understanding of the CWGC cemetery maps for the UK is that they were drawn up by the local CWGC inspectors to make life easy for themselves when they make their two yearly visits to check on maintenance of the graves and condition of the grave markers. I don't think that they were expected to be made available for general consumption but I have certainly had nothing but co-operation when I have asked for them. They aren't always as well constructed as the one shown above but they certainly "do the business".

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ISTR the CWGC were calling for volunteers earlier this year to do exactly this, and to check-out public transport links etc. for the benefit of visitors.

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