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Great-Uncles Grave 1914


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I have been looking to try and visit my Great-uncles grave next year, See my signature, The Churchyard where he is buried does not have a Church and I cannot find out if there was one in 1914 or if it was destroyed during the war.


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If you go HERE and search for eglise you will find a note >

Architecture sacrée :
Eglise en ruine en 1975.

Looks like a bit of a clue !


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I'm leaving at Boitron where you're great Uncle rest in peace. I know the five british graves in the church yard.

The church has been hit in 1940 during the retreat of the french army.

In 1914, it was still there : https://www.boitron77.fr/histoire.html (click on the map to see the postcards)

Boitron as been freed by british troops (2nd division) the 8th of September 1914 at around 2 pm.

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we did commemorate pipers last year in the Petit Morin valley where BEF fight against german rearguard during the Batlle of Marne.


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