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Gun Mountings


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would anyone have any pointers to resources outlining the different mountings used for guns on armed trawlers and merchant ships during WW1?

Particularly interested in 12 pounders and understanding the Low Angle and the High Angle/Low Angle usage/development.

Hope the above makes sense.


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thanks for this link.

I'm following up on the query you helped with previously re the 12pounders currently at Spike Island, Co Cork and trying to see how the mountings developed through to the MkV on display in London. Focused on 12pounders as these are physical examples I'm aware of. I'd hope to build a better picture for the other types of guns used at a later date.

My understanding is that the mountings for the trawlers, Q Ships and armed merchant ships operating around Ireland in WW1 were all of the pedestal type with limited elevation as they were focused on firing at shortish range at surface vessels. Interested to find out what this allowed the gunners to do (or not do). Not sure if the Q ships had special mountings for helping concealment.

I've an odd little book called Modern Weapons of War by Cyril Hall that shows a 12pounder 8cwt gun on a destroyer looking far more complicated in terms of sighting and elevation gear that than the guns at Spike Island. I'd like to delve more into how these types of guns were used, how were men trained on them etc


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