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Royal Engineers 310th (HS) works company


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I wonder if anyone can help me - I have some evidence that the Royal Engineers 310th (HS) works company was at Yatesbury - I think they were responsible for the maintenance of the airfield. Does anyone know what HS stands for - Home Service? and where can I find out any information about this company or about works companies in general. I did look at the 310th railway construction unit war diary at the RE museum - however this was just about work on the Western Front - even though at the same date this HS company was at Yatesbury.

Any specific or general help on this would be really appreciated,

Best wishes


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Hi Dan

My Grandfather was in the Royal Engineers and worked at Yatesbury Camp (on and off) during 1916/1917.

He was (around that time) based at Devizes Barracks, and we also have correspondence stating that they camped on site at Yatesbury.

We are led to believe that they were involved in all kinds of construction work on site. We have some photos of the camp under construction.

There doesn't appear to be much information about the site on the web at all. I took my Father to the remains of the camp in 2005, and there really isn't much left. However, there are some WW1 Hangars still, which have been given listed status, so I believe. Like all these old airfields, it's hard to believe what a hive of activity they must have been.

Hope this helps,


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