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Remembered Today:

National Arboretum and Cannock Chase


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Hi everybody,

thought I'd share with ou some of my impressions on my first ever visit to the National Mémorial Arboretum!!

The pictures are far from great... I was travelling light on the Eurostar that WE and took only my small camera, not the Canon. But at least I'll have an excuse for going back one day, hope for better weather and light and then make a LOT of pictures.

I've never been there before, and was really impressed by the size of the park!

first stop of course, was the armed Forces Mémorial



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I was really happy to find a trace of the Belgian Air Force at the memorial. we learned a lot from the RAF during the war and later on in terms of training and tactics. there is big similarity in traditions between our two airforces.


And another thing the two armies worked on together, is the airborne capacity. Belgian paratroopers joined the British in WWII and what we took with us is the jumping out of a balloon in training... which we still do !!


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And then there's the place I've wanted to visit ever since I first started reading about the Shot at Dawn cases... it's quite smaller than I thought it was, based on pictures I've seen. But it's a poignant mémorial.


More tomorrow...

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As promised... some more pics of the WE in rainy England ..

As said yesterday, the shot at dawn mémorial is quite poignant and impressive!!


and of course, the day could not go without a bear!!!


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Last but not least, we went to Cannock Chase German cemetery.

It's a very quiet and impressive place; so not like other German war cemeteries i know!!


It's after the visit, and only after that the rain started to really fall down!! highway was sort of a hell!!

Sunday then I was honoured to be invited at the yearly luncheon of the Queen's Own Oxfordshire Yeomanry !!


Thanks for the week-end, ChrisC!!!


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