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Remembered Today:

...And can anyone help with these MGC numbers - 152389 & 152343


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One of the above no.s (152343) is that of my grandad - the other is a chap surname Whipp - I understand these were numbers allocated mid to late 1918. Both men previously served in infantry regiments (different ones) and so I presume they served in the MGC infantry when they were transferred to that Corps. I've just acquired some memorabilia relating to Whipp, and, as his number is only 46 away from my grandad's I wonder if they would have served in the same battalion and possibly therefore have known one another?

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Both served with different Infantry units prior to joining the MGC:

Nimrod Adams- Royal Sussex 2806,then Royal Warwickshire 6295,and finally MGC 152343.

John J Whipp- 3054 Cheshire,then Royal Berkshire 37177,and finally MGC 152389.

Both into a war zone after 31/12/1915.

1918 April was when MG Battalions were formed,so they might have been in the same one. Prior to this each Infantry Brigade had it's own MG Company.

Are there likely to be any snippets of clues among soldier Whipp's bits ?

There are no apparent records surviving for either man.

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