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Hi all,

I have here one 1915 Star that is named to "J.LACEY TR. M.F.A.", Just checking does the Medal Index Cards exist and where are they accessible? Or are the MFA under same roll as RNR? In this case I presume name is not unique enough to point Mr. Lacey down there?

Kind Regards,


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No medal index cards for naval medals - medals rolls under ADM 171 at Kew (ADM 171/130 to 133 for MMR ratings - downloadable but huge files).

The only Trimmer MMR who matches is John LACEY who qualified for a trio in HMS ANDES. He claimed his trio.

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Oh, one more question (I don't start making extra threat for that).

Another medal related question - Victory Medal to 2115S Denis Kavanagh RNR. I got the medal roll input from the Ancestry but looking also NA site for Rating Card:

Only Denis Kavanagh that I can found was from Dalkey, Dublin:


Just the number is different, can it still be the same man and I can buy the card or should I look somewhere else?

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The two Denis Kavanaghs on the RNR medal Roll must be different men since they are both granted different medals.

The Victory Medal you have should be named to the Boy Cook whose number is listed as 2115.SB on the medal roll. An RNR record for this man does not appear to be in the Kew microfilm copies but the original record should be at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, who hold all the originals that are (badly) copied at Kew.

His number cannot be 2115.S as this is the number for a stoker RNR. 8597.A is an RNR seaman.

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Oh, medal rim is very worn out but you are right - there is big cap between his name, so there must be B as well after S (2115. SB). I can see clearly only 2115S and next is already D.Kavanagh...

That's a real pity because my friend is from Dalkey and would love to have that medal.

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