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Edward King 1st Royal Dragoons


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Hi All i have been asked by a friend to look up the records of the the above Edward King 1st Royal Dragoons service No D7810

i have found his MIC on ancestry and at some point will visit kew and see if i can find the regimental diary.However there does not appear to be a service record for

Edward which i assume was destroyed during WW2.Although as i now understand some regiments records where kept elsewhere ie the guards so would be grateful if someone with more expertise than me would be able to confirm if in fact i should be looking for his service record in another place.

Regards Graham

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No - the Royals (1st Dragoons) amalgamated with the Royal Horse Guards to form the Blues and Royals, so you might try the Household Cavalry Museum in Horse Guards, but I don't think Dragoon records were stored separate to the rest. As the Royals weren't Household Cavalry in the GW, their records wuld have been with the rest of the Line.

(The Royal Dragoon Guards are formed of the 4th Dragoon Guards, 7th Dragoon Guards - later 4/7th DG - and the 5th Dragoon Guards and 6th Dragoons (Inniskillings) - later the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards).

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War Diary for 1 RD is under WO95/1153/1 (Sep 1914 to Mar 1919) but not yet digital.

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One bows to you superior knowledge Steven. :thumbsup: Ralph.

It's a gift. :hypocrite:

Actually, amalgamations of Dragoons, Dragoon Guards and Household Cavalry is immensely irritating. Light Cavalry are so much more straightforward (cue Mr Drill with a sarky comment ...)

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A few years ago the 1st Royal Dragoons used to be included within the Household Cavalry Museum at Combermere Barracks in Windsor (SL4.3DN), not sure if they are still there though.

Sad to say I have never found them to be at all helpful.

Your friend would be well advised to buy the excellent little book pictured below, it covers the 1st Royal Dragoons very well. I think Naval & Military Press sell it.



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Thanks very much for all the help.

BillyH I shall indeed point him towards the book (you can read it online in at the university of Toronto library)

I shall also tell him to maybe have a trip to the museum in Windsor .

He brought into the pub the original princess Mary cigarette tin which still has the xmas card very nice momento

Cheers Graham

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