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Mystery soldier - maybe Northumberland Fusiliers?


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I am working my way through a Roll of Honour for a local parish in Grimsby for WW1 and so far (I am up to the letter 'R') every name has checked out with the CWGC with correct details but then I got to this individual, of which I cannot for the life of me figure out who he is.

Private John R. RACTIGG - North Fusiliers - Killed

Firstly I have guessed that it should be the Northumberland Fusiliers as the only Fusiliers with a 'North' is Northumberland. And that was the easy bit!

I obviously searched for

RACTIGG - no results

J R and Northumberland Fusiliers - 145 results but no names anything remotely like RACTIGG

John and Northumberland Fusiliers - 1744 results but nothing similar

Surnames ending in GG - 42 results but nothing similar

Can anyone suggest anything else I could search for regarding his name. Alternative names would be good too

I only have the CWGC database and Geoff's Search Engine to work with

Thanks in advance


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Not Northumberland Fusiliers but how about.....


Rank: Driver

Service No: 2980

Date of Death: 17/03/1916

Regiment/Service: Royal Field Artillery

1st/2nd (Northumbrian) Bde.

Grave Reference: III. B. 4.




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Nice find, Steve. The Northumberland Brigade must have confused them.

Tuesday 11 April 1916 - Hull Daily Mail

A HESSLE CHOIRMAN. (19), R.F.A., youngest son of Mr and Mrs Max Raettig. 46,Grimsby, formerly of Hessle, who was reported killed in France. Driver Raettig, a native of Hessle, though his family have now removed to Grimsby. He was a schoolboy at Hessle School, and was a member the Hessle Church Choir. Before the war he was apprenticed with Mr Arthur Stone, joiner and contractor

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Cheers Gentleman. I think that sorts that one out!

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No. I finished the whole RoH and his was the only one that was incorrect. Mind you, if someone told you that Raettig was their surname, would you be able to spell it correctly?

I must admit when I tell people my surname, I have the same problem with the resulting spellings. My mum used to keep a list of all the various different spellings that appeared on snail mail to our family home, and at the last count we had 31 different spellings!

Emtage - Emtidge - Imtij - Armtridge etc etc

Every time there was a new one we all used to rush to have a look, and then would call each other by that name all day. We were easily pleased back in the day lol

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