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First let me say this is a first for me, I have never participated in any Blog/Forum of any kind anywhere so please forgive any errors.

I have recently inherited my Grandfathers medals, so what better thing to do is research his history.

I have from Kew his service record and can read and understand about 70% of it.

He joined the RMA in 1893 so when WW1 started he was a Staff Sergeant, I am specifically looking at an entry which says "Mobilised ??? with RMA Howitzer Brigade No 3 Gun" can anyone out there help with where that was.

(???) cannot read

The other question I have is did the RMA go to Gallipoli as I have antidote AL evidence that he commanded a search light crew out there, I cannot find any evidence on his service record.

He was commissioned in 1917 and died in 1946 the year I was born so we never met.

Thanks for any help you can give

Eddie (retired 45 years in the RAF)

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Temporary Major William Remmington LEDGARD DSO MiD RMA. Officer Commanding No.3 Gun RMA Howitzer Brigade, embarked for BEF 26/3/15.

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May I add to the details given above by Hookleg & H2 regarding No.3 Howitzer RMA, by quoting from Gen Sir H E Blumberg's history 'Britain's Sea Soldiers' (p.281/2) *

“The howitzers were employed entirely on the Western Front with the exception of No.3 under Captain Ledgard (late Lieutenant-Commander RN). This howitzer had no sooner arrived in France than the Admiralty ordered it to the Dardanelles, and it was hurriedly entrained for Marseilles where it embarked on 12th April 1915 and though ammunition was very short, it was supplied with some rounds. It never appears to have occurred to any one in authority that it would probably be impossible to hoist out and land these heavy weights on the open beaches of Gallipoli and after arriving at Gallipoli, the ship was sent to Mudros where it lay for many months with the personnel eating their hearts out in inactivity until they were sent to Egypt in the summer and landed at Alexandria where it was not employed. Eventually they left Alexandria on 6th March 1916 and returned to France in time to take their part in the Battle of the Somme.”

Good luck with your research


* In this book see Table C 'Extracts from Battery Diaries' on pages 285 to 295

This will allow you to follow the movements of No. 3 Howitzer up to the Armistice.

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Of further interest may be another reference in the same book [blumberg's 'Britain's Sea Soldiers' see Chapter 31. p. 414 regarding the RMA Battery in Egypt 1915-16]

“On arrival at Alexandria on 30th October, they were at camp at Gabbari, where the 15-inch howitzer No. 3 under Captain Ledgard had spent the summer, as it had been unable to land in Gallipoli. The Howitzer tractors and transport conveyed the battery guns and stores to camp.”

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Still researching my Grandfather who was mobilised as a reservist in 1914 to the Royal Marine Howitzer Regiment under George Astor according to his service record but does not  state to which Howitzer.  Also from his record his movements would make it look like he was with No.3 but is there a way I can confirm that from any documentation?  He later went on to serve on DAMS.

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