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A number of questions


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I have found out a lot of information about my grandfather 26756 Pte John Henry Clarke 14th DLI and his fate from his service record and help provided by members. I have passed this information on to my family members. The information that I accumulated posed as many questions as it answered. I am therefore asking the forum a number of questions the answers to which would move my knowledge on immensely. These are:

1. I know that he was in A Company. Is there any way of finding out what Platoon and Section he was in?

2. By entering the regiment and date of death in the CWGC database I was able to find the names of around 25 men who were killed in the same action and on the same day. Finding out more about them gave me an insight into the men he served and died with. I have found some information on four or five other soldiers who fought and survived from various sources. Can anyone suggest a way of finding out the names of everyone in the 14th DLI on that day?

3. There was another man, Private Robert Henry George Clark (26759) with my grandfather in the Battalion. John Henry sailed to France with him and they both seemed to go through 35 IBD together. They were both killed on the same day. Are there any descendants of this man who might read this? If so, do they have any personal memorabilia (e.g. letters) that might provide any information? I have the feeling that as they both had the same surname and both were living in London they might have been pals. I don't know what company he was in.

4. My grandfather was 26756 and Robert was 26759. How can I find out who 26757 and 8 were.

5. If there are other Forum members whose family members served in the 14th DLI on that day I would be grateful for any information at all that they might have about what happened.

I realise that there are a lot of questions and I would be grateful for anything that would move my knowledge forward.

And lastly, my grandfather's medals were lost some years ago (not by me). I have a Victory medal inscribed SR 4697 GNR R E Whiterod R A. If there is anyone in the Forum who is related to this man I would gladly send it to them.

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There are 29 names on Soldiers Died Great War cd rom who were serving with your g/father and killed on this day, as regards the numbers in between , if you are prepared to trawl through every DLI medal card on Ancestry (a LOT) you will probably find them. Names :- ASHTON H; BARRANS A; BICKLE F; BLUNDELL W A; BRECKNOCK C; BRIGGS G; CARRICK C; CHAPMAN CC; CLARKE JA; CLARK RHG; ETCHELLS C; FEATHERSTONE WM; FURNISS EO; GILMARTIN J;HARBRONCJ; HINDMARSH N; JEFFERY T W; LONGSTAFF T; MARTIN J; MCCARDLE H; MCGREGOR J; MCLAUGHLIN S J; MELLOR N; MOGFORD C ; MOORHOUSE H; OVERSBY T; WELDRAKE H; WILKINSON J; WILSON J;

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Just to confuse things....

26757 was PTE Isaac Clark.

26758 was PTE George Clarke.


Tim D

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Just to add to Tim D.'s post above - Pte. 26757 Isaac B. Clark was also entitled to the silver war badge which adds that he enlisted 14.7.1916, discharged 14.3.1919, cause of discharge - Army Order 29 of 1919, para 2(a) King's Regs 392 (xvi), he had served overseas, and was aged 43 years at discharge.

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How dare you beat me to this :doh: just trawled all the mic's too.

Other close numbers were 26737 Billington; 26780 Fletcher Joseph.26747 Bull Frank; 26754 Castle William H;

Isaac's middle name was Benjamin born St Marylebone. Going to brew up now. :thumbsup: Ralph.

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1) Probably not - the war diary may have casualty records attached to that month but it's unlikely

2) No

4) Search on Ancestry or the National Archives website for the medal index card for those numbers.

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I have printed off this SDGW list, if you want it pm me your name/address and I will stick it the post for you. Ralph.

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