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Interpreting Royal Irish Rifles Service Record


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Hi, I am looking for help from members on the GWF to interpret some writing on my g/great uncle's service record.

His name was Andrew Johnston. He enlisted with the Royal Irish Rifles in Dec. 1906, service number 8856. He served the first year at home then with the 2nd Battalion in 1908 followed by the 1st Battalion from 1909 to 1913 in India and Burma. He was transferred to the "A" Reserve and then called up in August 1914. He was posted to the 2nd Battalion and was in France from Aug 27 to 31, but returned home and was posted to the 3rd Battalion until January 1915, when he returned to the 2nd Battalion. He was shot in his left leg near Hooge on June 26, 1915. His leg was amputated and he was discharged in June 1916.

On the last page of his service record, the date August 3, 1918 appears below the entry for his Silver War Badge that was awarded in January 1917. I would appreciate if anyone might be able to suggest or offer a clue what the date represents.



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Skipman, Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the papers with his service record and there is a Form W5149 dated January 18, 1917 that says "the accompanying War Badge and Certificate". So it appears he would have received the SWB in Jan 1917. The date stamp on the page for his SWB roll was also January 1917. Perhaps the Aug 1918 date was a replacement.

Thanks again.

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