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Still problems with 16th Division november 1918

von Smallhausen

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Hello Friends,

Page 745 of the German Regimental History of Infanterie Regiment 29 tells about a combined action of four British strong patrols against the village Calonne ( South of Tournai, Belgium) on 5 November 1918. The Regimentsgeschichte claims about 30 British KIA's during these actions . Now, I have been looking in some ( not all) regimental histories of the battalions involved but I was not able to find out which battalion sents those patrols. The divisional history of the 16th Div. doesn't give any information about November 1918. So I was wondering if anyone in this forum has regimental histories about 34/London Rgt., 18/Gloucestershire Rgt, 22 Northumberland Fusiliers, 14/Leicester Rgt..... . I would be grateful if anyone could help me with information about 5 november 1918.

kind regards,


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Hi Jef. It might be worth using Geoff's Engine, and searching 05/11/1918-07/11/1918 with Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension in the Cemetery/Memorial selected. Or other variations. There are certainly a couple of 34th Bn London Regt casualties there, dated 5/11/1918. Bit of a long shot though?


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Thank you Skipman, I didn't know this search engine ( I bookmarked this site). I have the register of Tournai here in front of me.... but your advice is a good idea.... a quick search ....and there are 4 Londoners of the 34th Bn. killed in that day. Tournai was a concentration cemetery, fieldgraves of the whole area went to Tournai.

By the way, I enjoyed very much the posts you made in the past. E-books etc.... thank you. I never had the opportunity to thank you for this, now I have.

I'll check the cemeteries in area of Calonnes.

Kind regards from Flanders,


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